(Der Artikel ist aus 2015 und unser Blog war damals noch englischsprachig – er wird in näherer Zeit ins Deutsche übersetzt werden. Ich kämpfe nur momentan noch mit dem Layout Feinschliff, dannach wird hier alles Deutsch =) )

I really do not know, how many of you know…but yes I am writting poetry.

At least I am writing if my Muse (lazy creature, who is supposed to inspire me, looks a bit like Tinkerbell and left me sitting alone in the dark the last two years) shows up.

I really did have a hard time getting inspired, but thankfully it seems like creativity and imagination decided to knock on my door again.

Am I any good? How should I know…I just know I do what I love and I love what I do….so why don’t you just read my last poem and then you can tell me in the comment section what you think about it ;)

(It’s ok, be honest, I can take it :P )

Enjoy =)






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