(Der Artikel ist aus 2015 und unser Blog war damals noch englischsprachig – er wird in näherer Zeit ins Deutsche übersetzt werden. Ich kämpfe nur momentan noch mit dem Layout Feinschliff, dannach wird hier alles Deutsch =) )


Hey there you are, was awfully dark in my little cave, where I have crafted the most amazing present for my sister.

Her very own magic wand!

Why would she want one of those? Well duuuh, because she and I lived for the Harry Potter books. We’ve read them all, several times, watched the movies and played the PlayStation games. Don’t judge, never said we were not nerdy ;)

Last year we went to a Harry Potter exhibition, which was amazing! OMG I head the speaking hat on, who put me into Ravenclaw, which I am not so sure about, I think Slytherin fits probably better, but more to this in the next post ;)

Well the thing is after the exhibition, we had a look at all the amazing souvenirs, which simply were not affordable…siriously 40 bucks for a piece of wood?!

My sister was pretty sad about it and I had the most amazing idea ever. For Christmas, she was going to get a box full of Harry Potter stuff. (Nooooo we are not to old for that, you are never to old for Harry Potter, gosh the book
was my first love, not Harry….the book!!!)

And what is the most important tool for every on going Hogwarts student?!

A magic wand!

There is an amazing tutorial out there, probably some of you already stumbled over it. Click on the link for the tutorial, because I didn’t come up with this myself. (First I wanted to make it out of real wood, but not big with carving stuff ;) )

All you need is some paper, hot glue and paint.

I had to adept the process a bit, because I couldn’t fill the paper roll with the glue. The glue didn’t drop down fast enough, so I had holes in my wand, which made it really unstable.

Because of that I  took some wooden beads for my second try and filled the wand with them, then I added the hot glue and tatdaaaaaaa the wand was stable. What is really amazing I had a bead with the all-seeing eye. So the wand I created actually has a proper core. I know it’s not a Dragon Scale, but who cares, it is still special ;)

After the Hot Glue hardened I used it to decorate the outside of my wand and painted it with a light brown layer.

Here I used Acrylic Paint, because it is quite water-resistant and with a couple of layers it actually gives the wand a nice feeling.

I painted it with dark brown and then added the gold and finally smudged a bit of black pastel colour in the edges to make it look old and used.

If you don’t like the look, just repaint it with a light colour after it is dry and try again^^

Now to the box. Because I had so much more stuff to make for the present I decided to keep everything nice and simple. Get some cardboard and measure your wand, make the box about 1-2cm longer and about 4-5cm wide. I picked a dark green for the top and the bottom I wanted to be more stable, so I used thicker cardboard and painted it green too.

In the inside I simply took some tissue paper and padded the

box. If you like it fancier you could use some fabric. Otherwise I always say, take what you got, so any kind of soft paper which you can stuff into place will do just fine.

Lastly I checked the Internet for Oliviander stickers. There are for sure some at amazon, but I simply copied some I found online and printed them out. I know buhu me, I stole somebodys work, but for private use it is allowed and because of this I won’t tell you where I got the logos from ;)

But if you google it, you will find for sure some great options for you to use, or check Etsy for proper designs and be a better person then me ;)

Mine says something like, this is to certify that this wand is a Oliviander article blabla. I glued it to the box, took a black pen and drew the Oliviander Logo on top of the box.

Lastly I checked which type of wood would be fitting for my sister. If you are part of Pottermore you will be able to check them there. Otherwise as always there is a Wiki for these things. I found out that Willow would suit my sister the most. (Click here to check which wood would be the right one for your wand!)

Harry Potter Box
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As you can see, this is was the present, there are much more tutorials to come ;)

I took a piece of aged paper (how to do this I’ll explain in another tutorial) and wrote the properties of the wood on the paper, which went into the wand box too.

That’s it. A cheap and easy way to create your own magic wand. And what is even better, nobody will have one like you do, it is all unique.

Now, have a nice day and let the magic into your live ;)


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