What Do you think about a painted picture as Christmas gift?

I love painting. My daughter will be home this Christmas and these pictures are my Christmas message for her. Give your loved ones a bit of time and a good news. They will appreciate it.

All you need for the Christmas gift – painted picture is:

A picture to paint, one or two acrylic colors, a thin and a broad brush, a pen (who dissolves, when it comes into contact with water), a masking tape paper (maybe an edding, a gilding and metal flakes).
For my small picture I took gold and white acrylic colors and for the big one only the golden, because I used a white edding. On the white side I always used gilding and golden metal flakes. But you don’t have to, if you use a golden edding or the golden acrylic color.
First you look for the center of your picture. Then you taped with painting crep paper the center, so that the paper stuck on the white surface. On the little picture I painted with the broad brush golden color on the left side, by the big one on the right side. You can took any color you like. Let the paint dry. I’ve painted a few times about it (with the golden color). Then I took away the painting crep paper.
With the pen I wrote my message on the picture. I took white color and painted on the golden side. Then with the golden on the white side. I’ve used on the white side gilding and golden metal flakes.
Applie the gilding with the thin brush. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then applie the golden flakes. If you want to make it easy, use a white and gold edding 750 (paint marker).


Now make your own Christmas gift – painted picture –  with a message you like.
I wish you a lot of fun, joy in painting and give away…Be creative and inspired.


Have a good time!

Your Anke




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