(Der Artikel ist aus 2015 und unser Blog war damals noch englischsprachig – er wird in näherer Zeit ins Deutsche übersetzt werden. Ich kämpfe nur momentan noch mit dem Layout Feinschliff, dannach wird hier alles Deutsch =) )

Do you know this problem?!

You are traveling or maybe visiting some relatives and a Birthday comes up. What now? All your craft stuff is at home, so nothing fancy possible.

But with a couple of pens, a scissor and some tape (ohhh and some black, twirled trash-bag-didn’t have any strings) you will still be able to make a cool and unique Birthday Card.

Just use your imagination and get crafty.

This is what I created a couple of days ago for a friends 21st Birthday. We were all totally clueless on what to get for her, so we decided to simply make her a coupon for Korean Barbecue.

And that is all from me for today….yeaaah I know this was a short one, but still got some Chinese to study today ;) Next time you will get a proper tutorial again, today was just to get your fantasy flowing ;)

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