(Der Artikel ist aus 2015 und unser Blog war damals noch englischsprachig – er wird in näherer Zeit ins Deutsche übersetzt werden. Ich kämpfe nur momentan noch mit dem Layout Feinschliff, dannach wird hier alles Deutsch =) )

Welcome back for a new Harry-Potter Mania Goody.

I have to be honest with you, I was lazy lately, but still I took the time to paint a lil’ tutorial for you, to make the whole process of crafting easier.

Making a Sorting Hat Necklace depends a lot on your finger skills. (you know that old looking hat in Harry Potter which is sorting the students in their houses and has put me into….yeah guess what, Slytherin-.-)

But with these 6 steps it is rather easy and I am sure the necklace will look simply amazing =)

Time : 20 min.

Needed: Polymere Clay, I use FIMO, but I think that is a German Brand, any will do =)

  1. Make your desired brown tone by mixing together different colors and kneading the clay very well. Then divide into two balls, one should be about 1/3 larger than the other one.
  2. The smaller one is pressed flat, basically so that it looks like a Pizza ;) The bigger ball becomes a cone.
  3. Press together and use a toothpick to smudge the edges, so that the two parts stick together better. Also in the end, just pull some lines into the clay with the toothpick, so that it looks like stitches.
  4. Add a hole for the necklace and then start forming the face. Here it all depends on your skills. Just watch the movie again and pause ;) You can do it ^^
  5. To make it look even older you could add some black patches, which you stick to the hat with the help of your toothpick. Also form the two black bands and add them to the bottom of the head.(totally forgot to add them in the picture, look at my cover pick as an example). Don’t use any paint yet!
  6. Put the hat into the oven to harden. Each clay is different, so read the instructions from the brand you are using carefully and follow them. After it is hardened, feel free to add some finishing touches with paint. Pull your necklace through the hole and you are set =)


Did you like the tutorial? Well then share it with your friends and get crafty ;)

Wishing you a magical day =)

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