(Der Artikel ist aus 2015 und unser Blog war damals noch englischsprachig – er wird in näherer Zeit ins Deutsche übersetzt werden. Ich kämpfe nur momentan noch mit dem Layout Feinschliff, dannach wird hier alles Deutsch =) )

Well as you might know, I like it nerdy ;)

And what can possibly be better than going to a Comic Convention??

Well if there wouldn’t be the trouble of figuring out how to dress up-.- I was very lazy this year, due to the fact that I had some important exams and was busy setting this blog up.

(By the way if you are interested in hearing about my experience and some common rules for cosplay, why not check out my other blog kungfuprincess-on-the-road.com and this is the blog post: How to have a blast at a comic convention!)

I went as Pokemon Trainer Hilda (a character from one of the games) and no Pokemon trainer can possibly leave the house without a proper Pokedex….wanna see how I made mine???

It does look a bit messy, but hey for a 10 min. creation I think it still looks pretty decent ;)

Time: 10-15 min

Material: Some cardboard, rubber bands, paint and hot-glue (normal glue is ok too, it is just less stable later)

  1. Cut the Cardboard, so that your cellphone will easily fit inside…You will use the rubber bands to keep it in place and the Styrofoam or Cardboard (as you like) at the top and bottom, will stop it from sliding out.
  2. Cut the rubber bands in half and make two holes, one for each band, to pull them through and knot them together again. This way they will go once around the one side of your Pokedex.
  3. If you have a cutter, remove cardboard layers in the middle, that way the Pokedex will be easier to close and stay shut.
  4. Add some cardboard features and glue them on, so that it looks like buttons and a camera.

So far so good. The structure is done.

5. Paint everything red, the buttons blue and the other features yellow….for that you can use any picture of a Pokedex as an example.

6. Put your phone inside and there you go, from now on you can take and make every call with your new, 10-minute craft Pokedex ;)

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